Coast pilot: a manual published by a government for mariners, containing descriptions of coastal waters, harbor facilities, etc., for a specific area.

Dual time: flying an airplane with an instructor.

G-to-the-devil: g for gravity, and “to the devil” an expression of angry impatience and desire to be rid of the thing addressed.

Hammonds and Joplins: those like John Hammond and Harris Joplin, two well-known American mining engineers in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Iliad: Greek epic poem attributed to Homer and telling of the Trojan war.

Johnny cake: a type of pancake made from cornmeal.

Pratt Street: a Baltimore, Maryland street near the docks and wharfs on Chesapeake Bay.

Primary: a ruggedly built glider used for training novice glider pilots.

Purdue: an American university in the state of Indiana.

Pushrod: a rod in an internal-combustion engine; part of the linkage used to open and close valves.

Slop chest: a store selling secondhand and shoddy, ready-made clothing at inexpensive prices.

Tarheel: a syrup made of molasses and maple syrup.

Tea-hounds: (American slang) those of high society known to socialize rather than work.

Waldorf: reference to the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

White Horse: the brand name for a Canadian scotch whiskey.

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