“Flash” Hubbard (Part 1/2)

With the landing of the Arrow Sport in the autumn of 1931, Ron primarily returned to powerless ships—to that Franklin PS2 at the Congressional Airfield and equally innovative secondary gliders at Chicago fields. Then again, he returned to reporting on flight in ways which likewise placed him on the cutting edge. For example, among other LRH articles to appear in The Sportsman Pilot was a then definitive look at experimental radio navigation aptly entitled “Music with Your Navigation,” and foretelling of his own adventurous foray into the field with his 1940 Alaskan Radio Experimental Expedition. Also for that publication was his 1934 examination of the fully aluminum Ryan ST Super-Sportster, brainchild of a legendary Claude T. Ryan, who will forever live in the annals of aviation for his design of Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis. Finally, there was Ron’s genuinely decisive work on Capitol Hill towards the formation of an independent United States Air Force (as opposed to a dependent Army Air Corps) and all other incidental adventures cited here. Providing a keen glimpse of the Ron “Flash” Hubbard as the world of aviation saw him is the following from aviation columnist H. Latane Lewis II as it appeared in The Pilot magazine, July 1934.

Flash Hubbard Continued...

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